The PadeForGovernor campaign belongs to the larger organization, The Accord Party of Nigeria which is evolving the working document for the party at this time. We are actively working with party leadership to develop policy directions for the real positive change for sustainable development in Osun State. Even, then we can give you some insights into the beliefs of our campaign as we continue to contribute to the party manifesto.

The PadeForGovernor campaign had found out the primary obstacle to progress in Osun State is a resignation to fate after so many trusted leaders continue to fail them, and even to abuse our mentality. We know that the answer lies in a commitment of the people to get back to take their destinies in their hands. The choice becomes either taking as much money as they can today from the highest bidder, spend it and wait for the next election cycle to collect again. They know that this choice is wrong but have little control over it. However, the option that we lay down in the PadeForGovernor campaign is our integrity to transform our economy based on the teamwork of everyone in Osun State. To believe that this is possible requires a total reformation of the current mentality of resignation to slavery. So, there is the choice the dangerous lure of millions on the table that mortgages our freedom and the future of our children or a commitment to the traditions of hard work and industrious process that we used to make us proud.

We know that correct solution lies within our borders if we can only join hands with the Party of Oneness and Progress to commit to teamwork and consultative democratic reforms. For example, The PadeForGovernor campaign does not accept that any condition exists to explain why workers salary should remain unpaid. We have advanced this matter with the party leadership, and they agree with our focus. The uneven distribution of resources among the various local governments is a slap on democratic rights and an abuse of privilege which concerns this campaign, and we are determined to correct. Similar stories abound with our educational sector, tourism, agriculture and investment opportunities for our businesspeople.

Hence, the motto of the PadeForGovernor campaign is to bring 'Real Positive Change for Sustainable Development' through the four-point anchor of progress for Osun State, accountability on government, dedication to uplifting the people of Osun State, and excellence in governance. We are consultation-driven, and we continue to reach out to various communities to fashion out specific answers to specific local issues. Pleasevisitthispage more for more details as the Accord Party of Nigeria approves.

Thank You
Pade Okunola