As you will see Pade Okunola continues to expand on topics such as non-payment of salaries, inequalities in education and healthcare and similar issues that affect our well-being in specific ways, Pade Okunola wants you to understand that he bases four-point approach of P for progress for Osun State, A for accountability in governance, D for a dedication to uplifting the socio-economic status of Osun people, and E for excellent leadership principles on a particular understanding of specific essential ingredients either injected or missing from our society at present that need to be corrected. In our titles and praise names are ancestors like Osun, Moremi, Adimula, Timi Agbale and Ogiyan to mention a few. These are not names of cowards; these are names of champions. It is one of the reasons that Pade Okunola believes that tackling our problems from the root is fundamental to revamping the strong socio-economic heritage of Osun State.

The people of Osun State must reject the mentality that turns them into beggars. We are not beggars. We are traditionally industrious people excelling in every aspect of life. There is hardly a land that our traders have not conquered under their feet. We inherited beautiful cities.

Therefore, the idea that we are beggars must stop. My people, it starts with you rejecting the psychology that there is nothing that you can do about it. Bringing accountability into governance means that we will return our state to such a situation that everyone will have a voice. For example, if a driver wants to get a loan for a new bus, the signature of the chairman of his organization should be good enough for the bank manager. The practice is not unique to us, and others still do it, and their countries remain strong.

The campaign of Pade Okunola revolves around the people of Osun State being actively involved in determining what happens to them. We have seen, and we recognize that grassroots consultation bodes well for a healthy economy. This is our dominant approach to tackling the mental situation that robs us of prosperity in modern times. We must reject the norm that only certain families or people groups have the answer, in fact, that idea is foreign to the sayings of our ancestors.

We will continue to feed you details on specific areas on these pages. Subscribe to emails and blogs, and you will not be disappointed. In fact, we welcome your contributions on these issues including, non-payment of salaries, education, healthcare, commerce, agriculture, tourism and similar industries.

My Priorities To Be Guided By The PADE Principles

1. Full Payment of Wages and Government Accountability
Payment of all wages and arrears for all state employees will be the first item on my agenda as the Governor of Osun State.
I will introduce the first “Closer to You Government Services” in Nigeria. I will be the first Governor in the country that empowers local governments to take control of services provided to the people taking government and accountability closer to the people. Please read more...

2. Technology as A Tool for Economic Transformation
We will exploit modern technology to its fullest. Introduction of Internet services riding on the back of efficient renewable energy services is our innovative priority, our vision for transforming Osun State economy to deploy E-Government and E-Commerce tools to transform economic activities, especially digital economy in the state.Please read more...
3. Restoring Our Pride of Place in Education
We will provide international grade quality learning environment using two parallel education programs, the:

a. “No child left Behind” educational program focusing on school-age children and
b. “Education-to-Job” Program to take our young men and women off the street.
Please
4. Access to Quality and Affordable Health Care for All
Our universal healthcare program will bring healthcare management firms to build international grade hospitals, provide ambulance services, outpatient services, home care services to run the best market-driven, and effective healthcare program in the nation. Please read more...
5. Dedication To Job Creation for Economic Empowerment Dedication To Job Creation for Economic Empowerment in Commerce and Industrialization
I will encourage the development of entrepreneurial skills through flexible skill acquisition training and educational programs to empower those of a working class to be able to start a business of their own. And provide easy access to flexible micro-finance schemes to encourage investors to come to Osun State, and to take advantage of technology to explore more job creation opportunities through their factories and  ‘Webpreneur’ or the concept of Digital Economy. Please read more...
6. Empowerment Through Agricultural Development
We will prioritize our agriculture and agro-allied infrastructural development to ensure that Osun State farmers can farm all year round, store their produce and market them competitively. Please read more...
7. Tourism and Recreational Centers
Developing new tourist attractions centers across the state to international standards and build standard parks and recreational facilities across local government areas where people can refresh themselves.  Please read more...
Pade Okunola for Governor of Osun State of Nigeria